Tik Tok Removes Twenty Million Videos In Pakistan

Tik Tok Removes Twenty Million Videos

In the first quarter of 2024, TikTok took significant action against violating content in Pakistan, removing over 20.2 million videos for breaching community guidelines. Impressively, 93.9 of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted. This effort is part of TikToks broader strategy to maintain a secure online environment by proactively addressing violations.

Globally, TikTok removed 166,997,307 videos during the same period, with a high rate of automated detection contributing to these figures. The platform also removed 976,479,946 comments and deleted 21,639,414 accounts suspected of being operated by underage users. This highlights TikToks commitment to enforcing its community guidelines uniformly and fairly, using both advanced technology and human oversight ​.

TikTok disclosed its actions against over 20.2 million videos in Pakistan during the first quarter of 2024 for violating community guidelines, with 93.9 removed within 24 hours.
Globally, 99.8 of violations were proactively addressed. The platform emphasized its dedication to fostering a secure online environment through transparency and inclusivity.
Worldwide, 166,997,307 videos were removed, largely aided by automated detection.

Additionally, TikTok removed 976,479,946 comments using safety tools and deleted 21,639,414 accounts suspected of underage users. The report highlights TikToks uniform enforcement of guidelines and commitment to fairness, leveraging technology and human oversight for efficient content moderation.
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