PIA Advises Pilots and Cabin Crew Against Fasting During Flights in Ramadan

In a recent development, the management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued a directive advising pilots and cabin crew to refrain from fasting during travel and flights throughout the month of Ramadan. The directive, issued by the manager of the flight safety department at PIA, aims to ensure the safety of both crew members and passengers.

The circular outlined guidelines regarding fasting during flights, highlighting the potential risks associated with flying while fasting. While fasting is a revered practice in Islam, the directive emphasized that it could introduce an element of risk as it may reduce the margin of safety, according to corporate safety management and the aircrew medical center's advice.

One of the key concerns highlighted in the directive is the potential impact of fasting on alertness and decision-making abilities. Fasting can lead to physiological changes such as hypoglycemia and dehydration, which could affect concentration, decision-making abilities, and reflexes. In emergency situations, delayed or incorrect actions due to the effects of fasting could have serious consequences.

The directive underscored the responsibility of cockpit and cabin crew members not only to themselves but also to passengers and ground staff. It emphasized that fasting while on duty could pose risks not only to their own safety but also to others. As such, all fasting cockpit and cabin crew members were instructed to abstain from operating flights, with no self-exemptions permitted even under state law.

The airline acknowledged the religious significance of fasting but emphasized that exemptions are granted for fasting during travel. The circular highlighted the importance of compliance with rules and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

In response to inquiries, a PIA spokesperson confirmed that a circular had been issued on this matter and that the airline is diligently ensuring its implementation to uphold safety standards.

Overall, the directive from PIA reflects the airline's commitment to safety and the well-being of its crew and passengers. By advising against fasting during flights in Ramadan, PIA aims to mitigate potential risks and ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism in air travel.